Hot Air Ballooning Adventure

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Get the most out of your holiday in Queensland with an adventure tour package.

Come & enjoy ballooning with HOT AIR and experience the wonder, romance & silence of the Australian bush. Before lift-off see the spectacle of how a hot air balloon inflates & takes shape; then hop in to take off & gently float over gum trees & gaze out as the Australian landscape stretches out.

Your ballooning adventure finishes early... so you can fit a lot more into your day. Hot air balloning can be combined with various tours including white water rafting, Kuranda Rainforest excursions, Great Barrier Reef trips, Gold Coast Theme Parks and many more. We have adventure tour packages available in all our locations - Cairns, Gold Coast, Port Douglas and Brisbane.

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    케언즈 핫에어 열기구 비행- 그린아일랜드 투어 콤보

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