Cairns Weather Report and Forecast

Hot Air Balloon Cairns has been lucky enough to be flying for many years in Australias' most stable and reliable flying area the Mareeba valley of the Atherton tablelands located about 40km inland it avoids the wind and rain of the Coastal fringe with just 750mm of rainfall annually in Mareeba versus 2200mm annual average in Cairns! Our pilots know the local weather cairns forecast and conditions intimately and are in daily contact with the local Bureau of Meteorology weather  experts, supplemented by our own local Atherton Tablelands weather observations and even letting off our own weather balloons and using all the resources of the internet computer weather models. You can be sure we will make the weather call with your safety as our foremost consideration. The Mareeba district boasts over 300 sunny days a year made famous in an article in Time Magazine and shown in BOM Climate data as only 59 cloudy days,  and Hot Air lose on average only 20 days a year to wind and inclement weather, flying for 340. We will therefore nearly always pick you up and travel to Mareeba to make the weather call, very rarely cancelling in advance the previous day however if we do so we would do so by 5pm. It is helpful however that we hold you mobile or cellphone number against your booking so please let us know if you have one (international numbers ok).