Cairns Post Newspaper Article

Our Oldest Hot Air Balloon Passenger - 96 years Old!

As reported in the Cairns Port Newspaper today... a 96 year old Grandma has enjoyed the thrill of a hot air balloon ride in Cairns.

Crane Week - Atherton Tablelands Bird Watching

It's crane season on the Atherton Tablelands!

If you are a wildlife and nature lover, the Atherton Tablelands is the place to be! Crane Week is coming up and there will be a range of activities, including a photography competition.

Cairns Solar Eclipse November 2012

Cairns Solar Eclipse is getting close...

Don't miss the Solar Eclipse in November 2012, what an amazing way to see it.. from a hot air balloon.

Daily Hot Air Balloon Festival at Hot Air Cairns and Port Douglas

Seven Balloons floating - Just once for the London's Olympics 2012

Inspire your imagination with a Cairns Hot Air Balloon ride.... daily during the 2012 London Olympic Games

Fathers Day Gift Ideas Hot Air Balloons

Satisfaction is Hot Air ballooning

If you are sitting at your desk, staring at your computer monitor while your eyes slowly dry out in the airconditioning, or vacantly resting your head in your cupped hand whilst you catch a microsleep as you procrastinate over making that phonecall, maybe its time to re-evaluate your job satisfaction.

solar eclipse cairns 2012

The Eclipse is coming to Cairns!

Tools and Apps - In less than 6 months Cairns will be THE place to be to observe a total Eclipse. Today 20th May there is another eclipse heading from China to Texas right across the Pacific

Atherton Tablelands at Mareeba from Hot Air

Atherton Tablelands looking their best

The Wet season has passed and the Mareeba valley on the Atherton Tablelands looks great - green fields, blue skies and gentle breezes for us all

Hot Air Ballooning Cairns and Port Douglas Queensland Australia

The Language of Hot Air Ballooning

Have you heard two balloon pilots talking and wondered what language they were speaking? Maybe you are going on an upcoming balloon flight and want to understand a few of the terms that are used. Here are a few of the main terms used in ballooning that will help you appear an expert when you meet your pilot on your upcoming flight.

In the Bag

One of the most common questions asked by prospective passengers of our hot air balloon flights is “Can I take my bag?”. The simple answer is no, the more complicated one is, “well, you may be able to, what sort of bag do you have?”

NRMA Open Road Thumbnail image Feb 2012

NRMA Open Road come to explore Cairns Explore Things to do in Cairns

NRMA Open Road came to explore Cairns and of course they came ballooning with Hot Air while they were here, also checking out other things to do in Cairns and activities for those on a road trip !

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